* something that leads to peace of mind.

* something that can be depended upon.

* something that is an asset to own.

* something that given love and affection will be the best loyal, loving bodyguards anyone could ever hope for.

A Pet Properly Taught ....

* be taught to every dog.

* be followed by all family members (the pack).

* always be consistent.

* be enjoyable for the family and pet.

A Dog Trained for Protection ....

* should never be indiscriminate.

* should never be a nuisance.

* should ever have to be put away when guests are over.

* should ever have its teaching used as a toy or plaything.

* should ever be a problem around children or adults (even when fooling around).

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Protection Should Be ....

Dog Obedience Should....

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Dog Obedience ShouldNot....

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Constantine "Gus" Marnel

* be taken for granted.

* be done with any kind of force.

* be stressful (on the pet or owners).

* ever be forgotten.

* can afford you peace of mind.

* can protect your person and property.

* can be a loyal loving companion.

* can be easy to understand.

* can be the best thing to happen to you and your family.



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