Gus has been training dogs for over 50 years and has personally trained thousands of dogs using tried and proven, loving techniques.

He is a graduate of the United States K-9 Academy, Ltd., where he was granted 
Master Trainer status.

Gus is affiliated with Cornell University's K-9 behavioral studies program, is a lecturer of K-9 psychology at the University of New Haven, and the author of the Canine Corner, published by the Journal Register Company.

K-9 Communication offers a 
"Lifetime Training Advantage". Training is guaranteed for the life of the dog. This is an exclusive promise fostering a partnership between pet owner and the pet.

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Gus Marnel - Registered Master Trainer:

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Choosing a dog trainer is a big step for you and your dog. Here's what to look for.

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Gus has trained nearly every breed. Make sure that your new friend fits your lifestyle.




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All Breeds

Gus has authored volumes of articles on topics related to dogs, training, and behavior. Please see the Article Library for more information and sign up here to receive new articles. 

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