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1. Crate training is valuable for both your dog and you  

2. Dog trainer helps couple introduce family pets to newborns

3. Socialization skills will help Penelope's submissiveness

4. Holiday reminders from Canine Corner

5. Potty training your dog- curbing defecation in the house

6. Walking your dog should be a pleasant time

7.  Dogs, like teenagers, will test their boundaries

8. Good nutrition, healthy lifestyle important for man's best friend

9. Choosing a dog trainer is personal but there are some basics to look for

10. "Chewing" is normal behavior for dogs but can be dangerous for them

11. Sometimes dogs need time and space to themselves

12. Fearful canine with aggression issues needs to socialize

13. Roaming aggressive dog make walking yours a challenge

14.  Communication key to quality training

15. Dogs learn from an early age

16. Housebreaking your dog should never involve physical reprimand

17. Holiday hints from The Canine Corner

18. Prey drive has kicked in with maturity and needs to be addressed

19. Constant barking - is it protection or attention?

20. Desensitizing can be effective remedy for thunder fear

21. Good communication skills with canine key

22. What is the Westminster Dog Show all about?

23. Canine shyness can be genetic but can be overcome

24. Outside reinforcement distracts unwanted behavior

25. Canine anxiety with car rides very common


27. Dogs missed opportunity to learn to socialize

28. Playing and biting - there is a difference

29. Holiday hints from The Canine Corner (2)

30. Grooming is as important for your pooch as it is for you

31. Don't confuse your dog while training

32. Sibling rivalry more common than expected, should be taken seriously

33.  Pet emergencies should be planned for in advance

34. Fence for the right reason - don't neglect your loyal companion

35.  Careful decision-making is important when you choose a new canine addition to your household

36. Canine snapping should not be tolerated

37. Teaching an old dog a new trick can take time

38. Dogs do not need to be social with people or other dogs outside of the family.