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The Basics (with one dog)

Thank you for your inquiry about our dog training program!

The methods of training, or "teaching", as we like to say, are based on science of the canine. They make the learning process enjoyable for your pet.

A no-cost temperament evaluation of your pet is the first step in our program. This is necessary so that we can determine what type of work your pet needs.

The next step is to have a consultation with everyone who is involved with the dog in order to define areas of problem behavior. We then design a program specifically for your situation.

If any protection work is being considered, obedience must be flawless. The protection training becomes an added command to the animal and not something that surfaces whenever the dog feels like it.

Our teaching methods make learning fun for both animal and owner. Stress, aggravation and worry are eliminated and family life will be enhanced.

We'll set up a free appointment at your convenience and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Best Regards,--Constantine 'Gus' Marnel

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All breeds / All sizes

Lifetime Guarantee:  

K-9 Communication offers a lifetime training advantage. That means training is guaranteed for the life of the dog. This is an exclusive promise by Gus to foster a partnership between pet owner and pet.

K-9 Communication LLC offers full kennel services to clients. Crates are customizable to fit dogs of all sizes comfortably.

Kennel services are available for dogs of clients only.

Dear Friend,

K-9 Communication LLC

Registered Master Dog Trainer

Constantine "Gus" Marnel


Milford, Connecticut


State Licensed Facility

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The Basics (multiple dogs)  sorry, no audio



All ages

All Breeds