Over the years my clients and their dogs have become family.

Below is just a small sample of some of their dogs.

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My clients comment on their dog training experience at K-9 Communication located in Milford, Connecticut.

Name: Briganti Family

Dog's Names: Toby, Bear, Brody

Years as a Client: 15

Why K-9 Communication?

Our family has had three dogs trained by Gus Marnel, two dobermans and one Scottish Terrier.  We have known Gus for nearly 15 years. To say Gus is more than a dog trainer is an understatement. He is a part of our family and we trust him completely. Our daughter grew up with the dogs Gus trained and the reassurance that those dogs would understand their place in the pack was never an issue.We knew immediately after our initial consultation that Gus was the right trainer for us.  Our goal was to have a loving, obedient companions that would become an extension of our family. Dogs that could be trusted around guests and ones that reciprocated the love we showed it.  We knew after watching an amazing demonstration of ability (from his own dogs) that Gus achieved this level after years of mastery and loving techniques.  The love and care (in addition to the commands) that he gave his own dogs was an indication of his technique. When you look for a trainer really ask yourself if that trainer will be there for you when you need advice and guidance. Gus will. Owning a dog is a wonderful experience and Gus will share those good times with you but more importantly there will be difficult times (dogs will get sick and eventually you will have to say goodbye), Gus was there during those dark times too. We consider him family. Thank you Gus!

Name:  Jay and Cheryl Michaud
Dog's Name:   Cyber
Breed:  Siberiam Husky
Years as a Client: 1
Why K9 Communication LLC?:  Because of Gus Marnel's credentials.
Experience:  We decided our new puppy needed training because he was very head strong and although we loved him very much he was wearing our patience very thin. We were parents of a preschooler and our Cyber was trying to be the leader of the pack. We attended training as a family. At the time it was my husband and myself and our 3 yr old daughter. Gus included her in the training. We didn't continue to utilize all of the services Gus offered because our family grew very quickly and it became too difficult. However, Gus provided us with a lot of great techniques that we used on a daily basis. Cyber did remain very head strong but we we were able to handle him much better. Ironically enough, I believe that our daughter ended up being his master. Cyber passed away this past May at the age of 20. His entire life he was by our daughters side. He obeyed her like none other (well, other than Gus) and I believe Gus also is responsible for teaching my daughter so much about the bond between a dog and their owner. Thank you Gus for helping us to make Cyber a part of our family and for having the patience to teach not only us but our daughter too.
Interest :   Problem Solving

Name: Jean Nizzardo
Dog's Name: Issacc
Breed: Doberman
Years as a Client: 7 months
Why K9 Communication LLC?: We had a four month old dobie who we thought needed to be trained and we we're right. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer or person to count on.
Experience: Issacc's training has been in class for seven months and my husband and I have been very happy not only with his training but with all the help Gus has given us. He was there for our family this past weekend when our family needed a lot of help with our dogs and he took Issacc at a moments notice. I could never begin to thank Gus for all his help. This is the best choice that our family has made with any dog that we have had, Gus knows more about dogs than some Vets do. His knowledge is amazing and how he reads the dogs blows my mind. Thank You for everything Gus!
Interest : Obedience Training

Name: Matthew Arendholz
Dog's Name: Jager
Breed: gsd
Years as a Client: 18
Why K9 Communication LLC?: Gus was the man!
Experience: We have adopted gsd for over 20 yrs, Jager came to us off of death row . He was 2.5 yrs old well breed and big --he tips the scales at 120 lbs. We called Gus and he accepted Jager for the 13 day course , we received several calls from him on his concerns for his and our own safety. jags is big enough to take down a large man and do critical damage. gus never gave up on him , he worked through it and so did we, jags now lives in Guilford with his girlfriend Ellie another adopted shepard and has a happy home life his own jeep cherokee. and has worked with me at different construction sites and enjoys walks on the each we are firm believers in gus' method and one day wish to get a puppy but we always end up adopting .
Interest : Problem Solving

Name:  n/a
Dog Name:    Turbo & Diesel
Breed:  German Sheperds
Years as a client: 1 1/2 years
Why K-9 Communication?:  Vet Recommendation / Gus shared the same high expectations regarding manners and obedience.
Experience:  "It is with great pleasure that I write these comments for Gus at K-9 Communication.  It's been a year since my 2 German Shepherds, Turbo & Diesel, had their 11-day training as 4 month old puppies.  Everyone had their reservations about bringing 2 male shepherds into the house.  But their training has made it possible, without any issues.  I never would have believed that they would have such great personalities and manners in such a short time.  Their obedience training continues to exceed my highest expectations.  I’ve learned that it’s my job to find the key that “drives” the boys…with the key, I’ve unlocked their true myriad of abilities.  It is not very often that you find a place where the initial training and the support throughout the process is superb. Gus’ knowledge, personality, and impeccable relationship with his clients and their K-9 companions makes training fun.  Gus isn’t just “the trainer”, he’s a friend.  All you have to do is mention his name and you can see how happy and excited Turbo & Diesel get!  Also, trustworthy Kennel Services are very hard to find.  It's nice to have someone you trust taking care of your companions, while maintaining their manners.  Thanks for all the great handling techniques, strategies, and guidance over the past year."
Interest :   Obedience Training

Name:  Peggy Kramer
Dog Name:  Gunnar
Breed:  Doberman Pinscher
Years as a client: 6 months
Why K-9 Communication?::   Gunnar was going to be a large male Doberman, I knew I needed to control him, or I was going to have to give him up. He was so rambunctious!!
Experience:  Positive reinforcement (didn't make a difference in him) THEN I MET "GUS"
Interest :   Obedience Training

Name: Kim and Paul
Dog Name:    Patches and Sampson
Breed:  Sheltie and Rottie
Years as a client: 4
Why K-9 Communication?: Because after meeting with Gus I realized he shared the same philosophies as we did.
Experience:  Very good, he has helped us learn to enjoy our dogs.
Interest :   Obedience Training

Name:  Brian & Karina Camacho
Dog Name:  Butkus
Breed:   Rottweiler
Years as a client:  7 1/2
Why K-9 Communication?: Highly recommended from friend.
Interest :   Obedience Training
Experience:  My wife and I have been taking Butkus, our 7 year old male Rottweiler, to K9 Communication LLC for more than 7 years. The knowledge we have gotten from our trainer Gus Marnel has made our lives and Butkus’ so much easier. When we first got Butkus he was 8 1/2 weeks old and he was a terror. My wife and I were worried we had made a mistake getting him. With help from Gus, Butkus is now a great member of the family. There were many times that Gus told us in advance the things to expect from Butkus before he even did them. We have called him many times at night to ask him questions, he is always willing to answer all our questions or calm our fears. His knowledge about Dogs, their behavior and even medical questions is vast. Gus is more that just a great trainer he is like a member of the family.

Dear Gus:
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Sergei & teaching him the fine art of "basic training:". Although I realize this is only the first step on the long road of "good doggy behavior", I can't tell you how good it felt this very first morning of Sergei's return.  When I woke up and was greeted by an over rambunctious boy, giving me his best puppy bites ever & I commanded "sit" and "down"; I don't know who was more surprised: him - that I was actually in control or me - that he actually listened! And it all went down off-leash!

Anton, Sergei and myself look forward to a very long and ever beneficial relationship with you. You are worth far more than any financial compensation that we could ever pay.  Most sincerely, Claudia, Anton & Sergei. 

PS: Too bad you don't have a program for humans, i.e. various family members, friends, bosses, co-workers, etc.

Dear Gus:
Thank you for the remarkable job you have done with my Woody and Molly. I have appreciated the honest feedback you have given me during our year together. The loving and strict care you have given to my dogs has helped them turn into sweet and obedient house pets.

When I first approached you in April of 1996, I liked you immediately. You have a no nonsense attitude with your dogs. I really liked your "trainer for life" philosophy and the real relationship you build with the owner and the dog.

My oldest dog Woody had two vet's recommendations to be put to sleep because of his aggressiveness. You easily could have taken advantage of my vulnerability at the time. You didn't though and you tried every avenue besides "Gus boot camp" to help my dog. You did this because you genuinely love all dogs. You helped save my dog's life and I can't thank you enough. I think you have trained me more then him. Woody is now a happy, calm, and obedient animal who everyone loves.

Miss Molly Brown (the hyper active puppy) might have driven me to drink a few times if it hadn't been for your pep talks and support. I know we still have some work to do with her but she is now one of the most obedient puppies I have ever seen.

Please use me as a reference in the future. I would be happy to sing your praises to any prospective client. Warm wishes, Christine Matthew Paine.

Dear Gus:
I can't believe it's been this many weeks since Shanti & I started obedience training with you. I also can't believe how much he has learned and how much I enjoyed the lessons too.

It seems funny not to be coming every week now, but I am looking forward to working with Shanti and implementing what you've taught us.  I owe Phil Rockland a big thank you for recommending you. You are truly an unique individual.

If you are ever in need of any of the services we provide here please let me know. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Terry Frese.

I have been a client of K-9 Communication LLC for 4 years. Gus was recommended to me by a good friend. After Cisco  (my Husky/Shepherd) went through the initial 11 day training period, he knew everything he needed to know........the challenge for me was to learn how to "drive" him. Initially I was reluctant to make corrections....throughout, Gus was there to observe and ensure that my actions and reactions were consistent. This is key in helping you understand your dog's mindset. Soon you get a feel for your dog's behavior and can almost anticipate problems and subsequently avoid them.
The bottom line is right in the name ..."Communication"....your relationship with your dog can be enriched if the both of you get better in tune with each other. That's a big part of the experience I get from the training at K-9 Communication. Robert Genovese.

More to come!